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My husband and I purchased a case of your “Bottom Paint” for the Jullies
a couple of weeks ago. Doug and Jenna are thrilled with the Bottom Paint
that they have been using since shortly after the birth of the triplets. They
were using another brand and Doug called asking me to pick up the “stuff”
I raved about when I had him and his sister.  They cannot say enough about
how the Bottom Paint has truly kept the triplets from any bottom issues.
  The McIntyre and Jullie Families
  Muskegon and Saint Johns, MI

I wanted to tell you that we love Benson’s Bottom Paint. We have 4 children - ages 5, 4, 2, and 3 months old. We use re-usable diapers as a ‘green’ initiative. Anyone old enough to remember cloth diapers remembers the diaper rash that comes with them....not at our house. A little Benson’s Bottom Paint on occasion, and no rashes. This product is wonderful! Thanks.
  The Scott's
  Greenville, MI

I am a semi-retired Family Physician in Fremont. I have had fingertip problems (cracking, primarily) for many, many years. I have tried everything without success. I received a sample this fall of the Bottom Paint, so I tried it with great success! I still get an occasional crack, but I put a layer of the Bottom Paint on at bedtime and then wear cotton gloves. My cracked fingers heal almost overnight and I would say my painful fingertips are 90% improved. Thank you very much. I am a believer.
  Richard S. Boss, MD
  Fremont, MI

I wanted to write to you and tell you how much I use your Benson's Bottom Paint for my family and friends.  Over the last 20 years I have used it on my children when they have had an acne breakout.  It's great!  On my grandchildren to prevent and heal diaper rash; I've also applied it to runny nose rash for their colds.  I keep some in my car for any mishap that may occur such as hot coffee spills, cuts and dry skin.
  When my friends have babies, I always include a tube in their gift and they are grateful for it.  A little bit goes a long way and it won't comed off too quickly which means it will protect the babies longer.
  I am one of your number one fans.  Thank you for this product and all the different health benefits that it provides.
  Sue Erickson
  Bowling Green, KY

After using a sample of Benson’s Bottom Paint to help prevent saddle sores during my Mountain Bike racing and Training, the “Paint” has earned a permanent spot in my cycling bag!  I have used several other saddle sore products over 12 years of competitive cycling and they have all been replaced by Benson’s Bottom Paint.  I can apply and re-apply the Paint without having a greasy residue all over my hands.  Furthermore, Benson’s Bottom Paint isn’t limited to prevention of saddle sores.  I have used Benson’s Bottom Paint on my nose and cheeks to prevent sunburn when it’s hot and windburn when it’s cold.  Having such a versatile and user-friendly product in my cycling bag helps me keep things simple and focus on racing!!
  Greg Bouwman
  Muskegon, MI

We have a 6 month old baby boy, and from day one we have been using Benson's Bottom Paint.  Not only is Bottom Paint Pediatrician Recommended, but it was developed and created by a trusted Pharmacist.  Since day one we have been applying Bottom Paint daily, and have had ZERO issues with Diaper Rash.  I would recommend Benson's Bottom Paint to any family that is looking to keep that beautiful new addition to the family happy and healthy.
  Rob Pratel
  Green Bay, WI

Our nursing home has used Benson's Bottom Paint for over 3 years now.  Not only does it work great with our patients, it goes on easily!
  Beverly Martin, RN
  Madison, WI

This is the only product that has worked on my two month old and I'm recommending it to everyone.
  Emily L.,
  Holland, MI

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